Terms & Condition : SAP 2 Non-EDPP

1.    EPP Eligibility

Every Employee of SAP are entitled to avail a company used IT asset under this program. Currently the stock flow will run only from the Bengaluru unit of SAP’s ITAD partner (SLS). SAP has enabled 2 of the below options for EPP Sale in India. 

EDPP (Employees Device Purchase Program - buying back their own devices after the completion of Project Cycle)

Non-EDPP (Employees buying any of the SAP owned devices)

 a.    Sales Platform for EDPP

Employees can register their interest to buy back their own asset prior to handover to the SAP IT after the completion of the depreciation cycle in a project as per SAP standard.

Website for this Sale is – www.sap3.mydigitaltech.in.

Employees had to wait for the clearance period of 8 to 12 weeks from the date they have registered for the buy back. Employees can reach out to the ITAD Partner for the pricing and status. 

  • SLS will add additional cost per asset category for processing this service
  • SAP employees must buy only the destined serial number they have opted for the buy back.
  • This website is strictly limited to SAP employees only and orders from users with generic mails ID’s (Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc) will not be processed.
  • Reconciliation of the serial numbers are done before shipping the assets and if any discrepancies are found the order will be cancelled

b. Sales Platform for Non-EDPP

Employees can order for any SAP used device based on availability without pre-booking from here

 Website for this Sale is – www.sap2.mydigitaltech.in

  • SLS choose to sell the stocks for non-EDPP and decide the sales pricing for the assets at a discounted rates for SAP employees
  • This website is strictly limited to SAP employees only and orders from users with generic mails ID’s (google, yahoo, Hotmail, etc) will be cancelled

2.    Fair Sale Policy

As a Responsible employee of SAP, all the employees are requested to limit the purchase per user to two devices of any category (notebook, tablet & mobile) in both the EDPP and Non-EDPP options. Orders from the buyers with more than two purchases in a year will be declined.

3.    Products Conditions
  • All the products are data wiped, tested, and audited for the functional capabilities to make it fit for the resale.
  • Products are sold without Operating System (OS) and any other software
  • AC Adaptors for the devices subject to availability and will be charged additional from the listed price
  • Cosmetic conditions of the product are explained in the Equipment Grading page.
  • Products are delivered with basic cleaning and packing with no option for upgradation on the specifications.
  • Only products with technical failure or functional issues while delivered will be considered as damaged products and will be collected back by SLS and full refund is provided 2-3 days after the product is received at SLS facility
  • For return of products for any other reason should be done by the buyers and refund will be provided with cancellation fees deducted 2-3 days after the product is received at SLS facility

4.    Product Availability 

All the products in both the websites are available for 30 days and any unsold stocks may be removed.

5.    Return & Warranty

All products come with a 7-day return policy. Buyer pays for the returns.

No warranty is available on the products.

6.    Cancellation & Refund Policy

Within the first 7 days, you can return your product to us for a full refund (excluding the payment gateway and shipping fees) for any reason, even if you’ve just changed your mind.

No cancellation of devices after the 7-day trial period.

Unauthorized orders will be cancelled by the seller and the refund attracts the cancellation fee.

All refunds will take upto 2 weeks to get processed.

7.   Unauthorized Orders
  • Using non-SAP email id for registration
  • Making multiple or bulk purchases

8.    Payment

Payment Method: UPI, Net Banking, Credit/Debit Card.

3% on the payment value or INR 1000.00 will be applicable for any Cancellation.

9.    Delivery

Standard Shipping.

Deliver to Buyer          : Ranges per Category and Location

10.  Customer Care 
  • sap2.edpp.india@simsmm.com